Made for SIWILAI


Friday 10th September
In the spirit of collaboration, SIWILAI continues to connect with its close network of friends and contemporaries to create one-off pieces that tip a hat to the store’s Thai roots in their own special way. Lovingly crafted in limited numbers, all “Made for SIWILAI” creations are available exclusively in-store.

In celebration of our first anniversary, we’ve teamed up with two of our favorite friends in fashion to create some very special birthday bounty.

First up, we have the lovely Olympia Le-Tan stitching together one of her covetable book clutches just for SIWILAI. For this cover art undertaking, the designer tackled Petchpra-uma, the adventure-romance epic by Chatchai Wisedsuvarnabhumi, better known by his pen name Panomtien. First serialized in weekly, and subsequently daily, newspaper columns in 1964, Petchpra-uma chronicles the tales of hero Rapin, heroine Darin and their seemingly never-ending adventure in the wild—an adventure that would eventual span over 25 years, 7 months and 2 days, making it the longest-running Thai novel series ever written. Originally available in hardcover editions totaling 53 volumes, each volume approximately 160 pages long—final page count for entire series: 17,490—the series was later converted to pocketbook format in 1995, yielding 48 volumes that were divided into two 24-volume parts. Several re-editions have since been issued, the most recent being an eBook version in 2013. And now, we have the Olympia Le-Tan x SIWILAI edition, featuring a rather racy cover lifted from the intriguing tales of “Morakotnakorn” (“The Emerald City”), part 66 in volume 98 of the epic. We promise you won’t be able to put it down.

Next, we carry on our long-standing cross-city collab with Maison Kitsune, this time with the perfect denim shirt. Soft-to-touch and free from frills, save for two tiny badges above the left breast pocket, featuring a meeting of mascots: one Kitsune’s iconic fox, the other an elephant, Thailand’s national animal. Simple, dependable, and indispensable.